About 4×4 pickups

Welcome to 4×4 pickups, this site came about simply because a few months ago I was thinking about buying a vehicle to do 2 things:
a) To take large amounts of heavy items, such as furniture and floor slates, to my farm in France, and
b) To carry large amounts of  heavy items , audio visual and film equipment, to various venues in and around the UK

And one of the types of vehicle I was looking at was a 4×4 pickup, and I got really annoyed that there was not 1 single place I could go to that could give me all the information I wanted.
So I decided to update my research and publish it so that anyone thinking about buying a 4×4 pickup could find all the information in one place.

Incidentally, I finished up buying a Citoen C4 Grand Picasso… why ? because it gives better MPG and I could actually fit under the steering wheel, you see what I had to find out for myself was that tall guys who are mostly leg find it really hard to get a good driving position in one of these double cab 4×4 pickups !!
And that’s something you don’t find out easily and without wasting a lot of time…..

So this is my contribution to saving you some time and bringing all the information you might need into one nice simple site, enjoy !!

  Toyota Hilux Mitsubishi Nissan VW Isuzu Ford
  HL3 L200 Navarra amarok rodeo Ranger
    warrior acenta startline denver max plus ranger xlt
  double cab double cab double cab double cab double cab double cab
  2.5 diesel 2.5 diesel 2.5 diesel 2.0 diesel biturbo 3.0 diesel 2.5 diesel
on the road price 21913 23411 22533 23743 23105 22710
best price 20005 20127 22541 23600 21500 19200
MPG (combined) 34 34 33 36 34 30
bhp 144 177 188 163 163 143ps
loadbed dimensions (L/W/H) 1520x1100x450 1505x1085x460 1511x1130x497 1555x1222x508 1360x1340x450 1530x1456x465
ground clearance ? 205 228 265 205 207
towing capacity (kg braked) 2500 2700 2700 2800 3000 3000
cargo capcity (kg) 1100 1045 1100 1108 1060 1065

 Price and spec are correct as at end November 2011

To see which one really is the best buy – go to the next page…..

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